Why Should Hire An Attorney If You Are Sued For A Credit Card Debt

The vast majority of the people sued for a debt do not hire a bankruptcy lawyer, even though the credit card companies send experienced lawyers to court to represent them. These attorneys do not represent you and are not there to help you. You might try representing yourself but you are setting yourself up for failure.

The other day, I was at court for a trial representing a client sued by a credit card company. As usual, the credit card company’s attorney filed the lawsuit against my client at the same time they sued many other people and there were many other people set for trial that day too. What was unusual was that they actually sent a witness this time. Unfortunately, none of the other defendants had an an attorney representing them. My trial was not first so I was sitting in the court room watching a pro se defendant (someone representing them-self) attempt to win their case. He tried very hard but was stumbling because he did not know the rules of evidence or how to effectively cross-examine a witness. He did not understand that even though the credit card company did not have a contract signed by him, or a purchase slip signed by him, that the credit card company could still prove their case by showing that he failed to follow certain procedures. This frustrated the judge because the judge had to stop and explain but the pro se defendant still did not understand. He ended up losing and is now saddled with a judgment for about $12,000.00.

My client’s case was next. My client’s case was by the same credit card company with the same witness. I was able to effectively cross-examine the credit card company’s witness and was able to prove that the evidence that they were using was insufficient. This was the very same evidence used in the trial before my client’s. The judge ended up ruling for my client and now my client owes nothing. I later heard from the bailiff that all the trials that were to go after my client’s ended up settling.

If you are sued on a debt, don’t represent yourself. Contact Mosley Law Firm about your options.